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APEA/AFT Membership Form

APEA-AFT Membership form - effective 9-20-2019

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Catastrophic Leave

We have a “Catastrophic Leave Bank” that is maintained by our union for our members to access in times of extreme need and/or extended absence from the job due primarily to FMLA issues. The bank is funded entirely from SU members, who upon separation of state service, “had” sick leave on the books when annual and sick leave (50%) converted to Personal Leave several years ago. We negotiated this benefit in 2000 and there is no deduction from any active members leave or contribution required for this benefit.

There are several criteria one must meet in order to qualify for up to 300 hours of catastrophic leave. Please click on the form below for those details.

Other than meeting the criteria, the process is simple. Your Physician must attest to the amount of time you or your family member will need for the medical condition and sign the form.

You must return the form to Carol Gray in our union headquarters office who will submit your request to the state and answer any questions you have about this benefit. Email Carol. Her telephone number is 586-2334.

My telephone number is 465-6178 or you can email me at john.white@alaska.gov if you have any questions.

I hope none of you ever have to use these hours but I wanted to let everyone know that they are available.

John White President, Local 4900 State Supervisors

Catastrophic Leave Form 9-1-18

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