Scholarships 2013-14
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2013 Dependent Scholarship Recipients


August 8, 2013

The following dependents of SU members have been awarded $1,000 scholarships:

Southcentral Region: 
Ryder Galic (William Galic member)

Victoria Silk (Tonya Michelle Gillies Silk member)

Haley Martin (Pam Martin member)

Micah Mullen (Gary Mullen member)

Helen Michaelson (Ray Michaelson member)

Ambriel Sandone (Theresa Keklak member)

Claire Gillespie (Bradley Gillespie member)

David Fuller (Jay Fuller member)

Kenneth Lowney (Beth Ann Lowney member)

Kaitlyn Cyr (Paul Cyr member)



Southeast Region:

Kyle Fagerstrom (Terri Fagerstrom member)

Dillon Tomaro (Debby Tomaro member)

Zachary Eberhardt (Michael Eberhardt member)

James Busch (Sharon Busch member)

Bernadette Osborne (Linnea Osborne member)

Juliana Lukshin (Michael Lukshin member)

Christopher Cummins (Judith Cummins member)



Northern Region:

Maddison Ackiss (Colleen Marie Ackiss member)

Ryan Senkow (Bruce Senkow member)

Jessi Lea Martellaro (Brent Martellaro member)

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