Scholarships 2012-13
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Message from President John White

August 26, 2012

Fellow SU members,
The SU Eboard met during the winter with a group of members from across the state to try and develop some type of simple education assistance program for our members. Accordingly, we established a scholarship program.  For the first year, it was determined to award scholarships to dependents of members. Our goal was to award ten scholarships for $1000.00 initially. However, given the response we had (coupled with some cost savings in our budget from last year) we added and additional ten $500.00 awards for this first year.  The educational costs for kids and parents continue to go up, so hopefully these scholarship awards will help to offset some of the cost impacts to our members and their families. 
That said, I am happy to announce the winners for our first ever scholarship program. 
$1000.00 awards;
Michela Jones
Matt Del Donno
Jonathan Walther
Rachel Chu
Ana Paulina Rodriguez Morena
Cyanna Garcia
Krista Thomson
Halla Merriman
Josiah Leigh
Conner Murphy
$500.00 Awards;
Emily Anderson
Linden Montague
Abigail Robyn Gray
Riley Chien
Sara Junge
Mark Stratton
Peter Shurr
Braden Canete
Katylyn Carlile
Saxon Whitfield-Summers
Remember, the SU is made up of what I consider to be the best group of professionals in any organization.  We are constantly looking for ways to better the conditions for our members and we hope this new program will continue to do so.    
Again, congratulations to all. 
John White
SU President


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