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Annual Meeting
The 2014 Annual General Membership Meeting for Local 4900 State Supervisors was held on June 27, 2014. AgendaJune 25, 2013 Minutes

Alaska Care
The administrator for AlaskaCare Employee Health Plan as of Jaunary 2014 is Aetna. Links to the  2014 Alaska Care Web site can be found at AlaskaCare.
See also =>Alaska Care Transition Guide

Important changes to the AlaskaCare Employee Health Plan, include a new benefit year schedule, new partners, and improved options for dental and vision plans. For information on the changes go to => Changes

SU Contract 2013 - 2016

APEA / SOA Collective Bargaining Agreement
The contract covers a period of three years. (July 1, 2013 through July 1, 2016)
2013 signed agreement

Gym and Fitness Discounts Now Available for State of Alaska Employees
Thinking about joining a gym? Now is the perfect time to sign up. Fitness providers around the state are now offering discounted prices on a variety of services to State of Alaska employees. View a complete listing of participating gym and fitness opportunities.

Wellness Programs

AlaskaCare provides a variety of Employee Health Plan Wellness programs.

Catastrophic Leave
We have a “Catastrophic Leave” account that is maintained by our union for our members to access in times of extreme need and/or extended absence from the job due primarily to FMLA issues.   For more information go to => Form


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